Real Life Combined With 8-bit World

Posted on 17 March 2011 oddy88

8-bit video game characters seem to be all over the place nowadays. How would it actually look like if they invaded real life? Imagine all the video games characters all around you during your day. Some artists have played with the idea and here you can see the outcome of it. Some Nintendo characters here and some PacMan character over there.

8 bit world 1

They are perfectly blending in with the real life environment. I think nobody would actually mind if we lived side by side with 8-bit creatures. Why not? Spice up the everyday a bit. What if you one day are on your way to work and PacMan is standing outside your building? How cool would that be? It is okay to let your imagination run free sometimes, and that is exactly what you can do with this 8-bit figures. It is hip and it’s fun. Other times 8-bit characters like Super Mario has invaded real life is in the real world adventures of Super Mario and his fellowship.

8 bit world 2

8 bit world 3

8 bit world 4

8 bit world 5

8 bit world 6

8 bit world 7

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