Probably The Worst Spider Bite Ever

Posted on 15 August 2010 oddy88

Most people do fear these little creatures called spiders even if some of them are harmful. Still there are several that are dangerous, and one of them is the hobo spider from North America, also known as Tegenaria Agrestis, that belongs to the group of funnel web spiders. What’s special about this kind of spiders is that they create a funnel-shaped silky web and then they will wait at the end of it for other insects to get stuck into their trap. The danger of this spider is that its bite will cause serious local wounds and pain, and this will further cause to tissue death in the areas of the bite. In these pictures you can see how the wound is developing after the spider bite.

The ironic thing is that hobo spiders try to avoid contact with humans because they’re afraid, but still people get bit because the spiders are to be found around human habitations, and they can accidentally get crushed by parts of the human body.

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  1. Matt Says:

    Brown Recluse… Not a “Hobo” spider.

  2. Joe Says:

    If that is real, that looks Awesome! 😛


  3. Dan Says:

    Yes, very real. I’ve killed two this year, and I’m sure there are more in my shed.

    The scary part is, these things are only about the size of a nickel. …I guess about the size of a quarter if you smashed them flat.

    They do seem easy to spot though; slick bodies(looks that way anyway), all tan/brown, large fangs, fairly small, not really any design at a glance. Just kill any spider that’s not fuzzy, okay? Most of the time you will not see these spiders. The few I’ve came across have almost burned my house down hitting 88mph trying to get away. They are very scared of us.

    General rule: fuzzy spiders are good. They eat bugs, and some will even fight scorpions(and win!).
    Slick spiders are usually bad. Black widows are also very smooth.

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