Playing With Electricity Thanks To Nikola Tesla

Posted on 14 August 2010 oddy88

Most people have heard about the legend and genius Nikola Tesla. Some of the things he invented were X-ray, the radio, microwave oven, electron microscope, neon lights, speedometer, and he was the first to design the hydro-electric power plant in Niagara Falls. A lot of his inventions were unfortunately credited by others, and his biggest competitor Thomas Edison did everything to erase him from the history books. The ideas that Tesla came up with became to a point so extreme that people laughed at his theories and called him a lunatic. Thanks to this “crazy scientist” people are doing weird stuff with electricity because of his inventions.

These pictures represent some of these works where people have literally played with electricity. It looks dangerous and it surely is, you don’t want to stand in the middle of the purple electric lightning. Tesla most amazing theory was that he predicted that Internet would be invented someday where voice and images are transported through the air. He was so obsessed with his work that it’s claimed he only slept for 2-3 hours at night. If you find science interesting you should check out the top 10 mad scientists in history.

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