Photos of The Ruined Berlin After the End of World War II

Posted on 16 July 2010 oddy88

The World War II has left deep scars on the face of Germany. After the end of the war, the most of the rest of the world has not been so optimistic in predictions about the fast recovery of Germany which has been

buried with ruins and debris.

When you see all those photos of ruined Berlin, the capital city of Germany, you would probably think what everyone was thinking in that time: They’ll need at least hundred of years to rebuild and repair all that ruined buildings. However, Germany surprised the whole world with its extremely fast recovery. In less than thirty years, Germany has completely recovered from war and became again one of the world’s most influential and economically strongest countries.

Image credits by Life.

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  1. ari Says:

    All the things that people worked so hard for… destroyed or damaged… why do we have war?

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