People living in flood tunnel under Las Vegas

Posted on 04 January 2011 oddy88

Under the gliss and glam of casino’s and hotels in Las Vegas lies a dark and sad place; a 200 miles long flood tunnel that is occupied by homeless, drug addicts and criminals. About 1000 of them are living there, can you imagine? A lot of them have made rooms in the tunnel with furniture and their belongings to make it more homely.

las vegas tunnel people 1

They have no choice but to live with the risks from disease, creepy insects and rats, and the dirty water around them, not the mention the lack of daylight. Many of them live by begging in the streets and raiding bins and ships, but some of them still have decent jobs at the hotels. What a contrast to the things that are happening above the surface. Speaking of Las Vegas here is a Lego replica of it.

las vegas tunnel people 2

las vegas tunnel people 3

las vegas tunnel people 4

las vegas tunnel people 5

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  1. T Man Says:

    “They have no choice but to live with the risks from disease, creepy insects and rats, and the dirty water around them, not the mention the lack of daylight.”

    Yes they do, they could live on the surface like the majority of the human race.

  2. Rashad Says:

    These ppl could have moved to a country place where living is cheaper and live like ordinary ppl,,, but these ppl want to feel themselves like pigs// therefore they prefer living there

  3. justice Says:

    this is illegal & so oppressive. wtf !!!!!! stop it, i can’t even take it.

  4. justice Says:

    i was meaning that favourite video of injecting people with fat

  5. justice Says:

    meaning the video

  6. The Taxman Says:

    No rent- no mortgage- access to (hijacked) free electricity and water and good real estate location.
    Not a bad solution- to live on the taxman’s dollar (and probably run elaborate welfare frauds).,

  7. James Says:

    Aside from the obvious homelessness problem …What happens if it actually floods? …obviously, the whole idea becomes a washout and whatever jobs they held become openings unless they’re at work when it happens.

  8. BoogerFart Says:

    In every major city, especially NY – there are people living underground, thousands of them. Look up a book called “mole people” – something like that. Its about real people living underground – thousands of them. Most with drug or mental problems. You have people living and sleeping next to active rail lines.

    It was used in the sequal book to the book & movie “The Relic”.

  9. selena Says:

    people really believe those tunnel-dwellers choose to live like animals? this is what desperation looks like.
    why not move to the surface? probably because that gives them the choice of either being constantly chased away or living far from the city with its jobs and its garbage that can be collected

  10. Tui P. cook Says:

    This does not look that bad. THey look comfortable and happy to be out of the weather. It would be cool under there and it looks like they have made a home for themselves that other homeless would the envious of. As a Teenager in austrlia I spent at least two years living homeless (no I was not a drug addict, but a difficult proud child that was having trouble at home) and I think these guys set up is pretty nice. THey have room for their stuff, they have neighbours. Good for them for finding free (DRY by the looks of things for the most part) and cool accomodation in a expensive city that I for one consider desperate and SAD ABOVE GROUND.

  11. Implicate Says:

    “Many of them live by begging in the streets and raiding bins and ships”
    That must work out well for them. Lots of ships pulling in to Las Vegas Bay these days.

  12. Captain HighLiner Says:


    I lol’d at that too.

  13. poo ass Says:

    these peeps have a choice and this is it…i dont feel bad at all. they choose this..they could do something else

  14. DDL56 Says:

    This nation is sinking into a multi-trillion dollar ocean of red ink. If there is a real “Depression” looming in the near future, tens if not hundreds of millions will be joining these unfortunates, living at best a hardscrabble life, that is IF most can/will be able to survive at all. There are far, far more tens of millions of people living in the US than there was in the 1930s, and back then a MUCH higher percentage were living in rural areas and most had enough land to eke out a living by growing their food and slaughtering farm animals for meat, as well as having many more much less polluted lakes, rivers, and public lands that they could hunt and fish, that were not no-trespassing private property like they are now.

    Being that I am nos in my mid-fifties and have had no children, I hope to live the rest of my life out before the proverbial shit hits the fan, but who knows what the next 20 years hold for us here in the US, it isn’t looking good, and I really, really dislike the 21st century so far. It is nothing like I imagined it would be as a child in the 1960s.

    The greed of the ultra-wealthy, the military-industrial complex, and the sociopathic multi-national global corporate (personhood SCOTUS bestowed) capitalists, have and continue to outsource, off-shore, and/or automate US jobs, and have zeroed in on foreclosing upon the so-called “American” dream, which my parents, being members of the “greatest generation” who fought in wars and/or strived to provide for their boomer children, but they are either dead or dying off now.

  15. arseman Says:

    it looks too clean to be leaving in a flood tunnel

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