Peaceful Tree Houses In Costa Rica

Posted on 24 March 2011 oddy88

Maybe you remember from when you were a sildenafil citrate usp msds kid that it was awesome to have a sildenafil 20 mg tablet tree house, cialis coupon or maybe you know it from movies? But does it really exist? Does anyone live in tree houses far up in the trees? The answer sildenafil citrate is yes, in the jungles of Costa Rica there is a small community that is called Finca Bellavista.

tree house 1

They actually sell tree houses , and you have to buy the whole lot if you want to live there. The prices starts from $55,000, and the residents are required to purchase a biodigester. To move around in this jungle you can go down on the land, but you can also use the bridges and the local cable transport system Sky Trail.

tree house 3

The Bellavista offers lots with lounge, dining room, kitchen, wifi, ranch and swimming pool. So in other words you get all you need there, and you’ll be surrounded by nature, vegetation and peace. Great for people who wants to get away once in a while. Other weird houses out in the nature are these Hobbit houses in New Zealand.

tree house 4

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