Outstanding LEGO-Steampunk Yacht

Posted on 16 November 2009 oddy88

LEGO and Steampunk can usually work together making an awesome LEGO-Steampunk Yacht combination. This is one of the fabulous arts that most artists should not shy away from when designing these recreational boats. One of the best LEGO-Steam Punk Yacht is the Radiant Kestrel which is a steam punk yacht that’s built from Lego bricks. This Lego-steam Punk yacht is not only impressive because it’s designed from two different forms of art but also because of its entire smooth and unique designs that make it have a unique look from the popular Lego yacht.

lego steampunk yacht 1

lego steampunk yacht 2

lego steampunk yacht 3

lego steampunk yacht 4

lego steampunk yacht 5

lego steampunk yacht 7

lego steampunk yacht 8

lego steampunk yacht 9

Using these two artistic designs to develop a yacht makes the recreational activities more interesting. You can consider using the Lego and steam punk combinations in making luxury sailing yachts or even racing yachts. Its unique designs and artistic features makes these awesome yacht- steam punk boats appear luxurious and sophisticated.

Via OddityCentral.

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  1. bummedout Says:

    too bad the creator couldn’t get a decent, in focus picture.

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