Omelet Without Breaking The Egg

Posted on 18 January 2011 oddy88

Imagine this challenge: Make an omelet without breaking any eggs. Impossible you would think, but the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories definitely proved us wrong. They have come up with a method that gives can impress your friend by making this weird breakfast omelet.

omelette 1

Here is a short description of how to do it: First you puncture the egg with a toothpick or whatever you have of tools. Then you need a wide-bore syringe to remove all the content of the egg.

omelette 2

omelette 3

omelette 4

omelette 5

omelette 6

omelette 7

When you’re gently done with that lightly beat the content and put it back the same way you took it out. Be careful so you don’t overdo it so the egg will be pressed from inside and then eventually cracks open.

omelette 8

omelette 9

Take a plastic bag and vacuum seal it around the egg or just press out all the air.

omelette 11

Now cook the egg in this bag in a large pot of water 30-40 minutes on 70 degrees.

omelette 12

omelette 13

After that you crack the egg open and serve it; omelet without cracking the egg open, genius huh? People obviously have much fun with eggs; this guy made a Dalek out of one, check it out.

omelette 14

Via EvilMadSceintists.

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  1. OB1 Says:

    30-40 minutes on 70 degrees! I dont know about you but that sounds a little long?

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