Mysterious Fairytale Land In Ukraine

Posted on 30 March 2010 oddy88

Fairytales are one of the nice thing we happily remember from our childhood. Almost every child who have heard some fairytale got a wish to be a part of it. Fairytale land could be imagined as the place with a lot of colors, flowers, unusual plants, colorful mushrooms and similar things.

fairytale urban art 1

Someone in Kiev, Ukraine, decided to make something what could be described as an entrance to fairytale land. Those photos were taken in some private apartment in Kiev but photographer refused to reveal the location and the author of this masterpiece.

fairytale urban art 2

fairytale urban art 3

As you can see, a few techniques were combined while making this. We can’t call it just sculpture, or painting or mosaic, it is a little bit of all. It seems that whole apartment is decorated in this way. There is a plenty of different fairytale-like sculptures in there, fixed an painted with a lot of care and style.

fairytale urban art 4

fairytale urban art 5

I just wonder, if this is the entrance of the fairytale land, then, how incredible the fairytale land itself could be, since the location and the author of this artwork remains unknown, we probably will never know that but our imagination could tell us.

Via Mozart Kiev.

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