Movie Posters Mixed With Pop Culture Figures

Posted on 22 March 2011 oddy88

Freelance illustrator Sean Hartter from Maine has come up with the brilliant idea to mix up old movie poster with pop cultural icons. Suddenly Angelina Jolie is one of the guys in “Clockwork Orange”, Marylin Monroe as Uma in Kill Bill, Clint Eastwood as Volverine, and David Bowie as Robin in The Batman.

batman and robin poster

It looks wicked but it’s very original. The artist himself says that: “These posters are based on the idea that they’re from multiple universes, which frees me up to tinker with time frames and poster design.”

kill bill poster

He sells 11-inch by 17-inch prints for $16, and he jokes that he is not the “King of Photoshop” even though he is doing hell of a job with it. Another illustrator has also played with movie poster by making them in a minimalist style.

clockwork orange poster

inception poster

ghostbusters poster

bad lieutenant poster

1984 movie poster

matrix poster

punisher poster

robocop poster

wolverine poster

space odisey 2001 poster

star wars poster

watchmen poster

x-men poster

batman poster

sin city poster

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