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Posted on 18 January 2010 oddy88

Showcased in one of the Moscow exhibitions, that is being held in the Moscow city town-hall, this mini Moscow or the Model of Moscow depicts the real city layout as if providing someone with an amazing aerial view of the Russian capital.

model of moscow 1

model of moscow 2

This mini model was built in 1988 and is specifically used for the city planning and layout purposes. It is a 1540 square feet (i.e. 144 square meters) replica of the city with each separate piece denoting a separate house or a building.

model of moscow 3

model of moscow 4

model of moscow 5

model of moscow 6

model of moscow 7

model of moscow 8

model of moscow 9

model of moscow 10

model of moscow 11

model of moscow 12

model of moscow 13

model of moscow 14

model of moscow 15

model of moscow 16

model of moscow 17

If there is any reconstruction of any house/building or if any new construction takes place in the capital, then that is represented by the same model house (or a separate piece) on this extensive model. The scale of the model is set from 1 to 500, and the classic model surely requires regular cleaning, polishing and maintenance in order to have a good life span for itself.

Via Makzer.

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  1. Mishka Says:

    I wonder how they get in there to change the buildings when the real ones are demolished/renovated, without knocking them over like they were Godzilla.

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