Miniature Postal Service In San Francisco

Posted on 30 March 2011 oddy88

In San Francisco you can find the World’s Smallest Postal Service which actually is up and going. It’s no joke, they really are a company. What they basically do is to receive normal  letters from people and write them in a smaller version before they wrap it and put it in a sealed envelope, and send it in ordinary mail.

letter 1

It only cost $8 dollars to use their service, and it’s worth it, because why not receive a tiny tiny letter in the mail than the ordinary boring ones. You can use it as a joke or a prank to a friend, or maybe only use it as a surprise to someone. You maybe wonder how the mail man understands the small writing, but don’t worry, every small letter has a magnifying glass on it, so it can enlarge the letters easily.

letter 2

Some of the letters are so small that they can get lost because no one pays attention to them, but that’s something that the traditional mail can worry about. Speaking of things that are miniature, here are some tiny dishes that look delicious.

letter 3

letter 4

letter 5

letter 6

letter 7

letter 8

letter 9

letter 10

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Chas Says:

    Wow, another inane and idiotic waste of money from California!

  2. ryan Says:

    That’s unique, Why does Chas always gota be a hater?

  3. Ellee Says:

    It’s cute, but out of courtesy for the regular mailman, and to make sure sure tiny letters don’t get lost, maybe putting the tiny envelope into a regular envelope would be a good idea.

  4. k Says:

    that rolltop desk is made by the american girl company. I had one just like it as a kid!

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