Mini Replica Of Ferrari F40 With Smallest Key Ever

Posted on 15 April 2011 oddy88

Miniature stuff has been featured on this blog before, like for example the delicious mini dishes that will make your mouth fill with water,or maybe the smallest postal service office in the world. Now someone has got a crazy idea to create a mini replica of a Ferrari F40.It is eight times smaller than the real car, but it looks exactly like it. In the photographs you can see how it was made step by step.

ferrari toy 1

It’s incredibly detailed, and whoever made it deserves kudos. The best part about the car is that it has a miniature key with the Ferrari sign on it. It has to be the smallest key ever made. Simply brilliant! I guess a lot of Ferrari owners want one of these, because you can never get enough. Or maybe you can’t afford a real one, so it’s better than having nothing, right?

ferrari toy 2

ferrari toy 3

ferrari toy 4

ferrari toy 5

ferrari toy 6

ferrari toy 7

ferrari toy 8

ferrari toy 9

ferrari toy 10

ferrari toy 11

ferrari toy 12

ferrari toy 13

ferrari toy 14

ferrari toy 15

ferrari toy 16

ferrari toy 17

ferrari toy 18

ferrari toy 19

ferrari toy 20

ferrari toy 21

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