Millennium Falcon toy transformed into “Star Wars electric guitar”

Posted on 04 August 2010 oddy88

Being an avid Star Wars fan, Travis S. has build an electric guitar that looks like Han Solo’s starship from the movies. With a huge passion for both guitars and Star Wars, Travis used a month to create his little piece of art by using a vintage Millennium Falcon toy. He claimed that he would have get done in a week since he only was building in the weekends. This was a piece of cake for Travis because he had built guitars with his father in high school. The Star Wars guitar is created to play as the plastic body does not affect the sound.

To give the piece and extra touch Travis has decorated it with LED lights containing their own batteries. He also had to install a maple block through the whole ship so the tension from the strings wouldn’t break it. Speaking of Star Wars starship, this Star Wars fan created a bed that looks like Millennium Falcon.

Via URLesque.

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