Macaque Monkey Is A Photobomb

Posted on 05 September 2011 oddy88

You have maybe heard about the crazy Macaque monkey that stole a photographers camera to take photos of himself. If not, here is the story: Visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, award-winning photographer Mr Slater left his camera unattended for a while.

monkey 1

Nearby a female black macaque monkey was attracted to it. She was fascinated by her reflection in the lens and somehow she started to trigger the camera which resulted in amazing portraits. These type of monkeys are very know for their intelligence, but this one surprise a lot of people.

monkey 2

At first we all thought the photos were fake, but they’re really not. Now suddenly this female monkey has become a photobomb on several other photos of famous photographers. It’s funny how her head peaks up everywhere. Like she has been borrowing their cameras as well. Now, monkeys are actually great posers, just check out this photo session.

monkey 3

monkey 4

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