LOTR Fans Watch Out – Minas Tirith in Matchsticks

Posted on 08 December 2010 oddy88

For those of you that are Lord of the Rings fan there is no need to explain what you see on the photos, but for those who are not familiar with this name; it is a matchstick version of Minas Tirith, also known as Tower of Guard, which is a fictional city in the movie trilogy.

minas tirith 1

As mentioned before the model is made out of only matchsticks (several thousand) that are glued together, and something that simple has managed to create something that extravagant, believe it or not.

minas tirith 2

minas tirith 3

This is all part-time artist Patrick Acton’s  work, and he wanted to express the beauty of Minas Tirith because it certainly is beyond powerful. Patrick did not use all his time on the art piece because his profession is something else, so he considered this as a hobby, or something that he liked to do when he got home from work.

minas tirith 4

This has been his hobby since 1977, and he is obviously still going strong. More stuff that reminds of LOTR are these cute hobbit-alike houses in Wales.

minas tirith 5

minas tirith 6

Via Flickr.

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