LEGO Brick Photo Camera

Posted on 03 June 2011 oddy88

Artist Cary Norton thought of something he thought was crazy one day; he wanted to built a camera out of Lego bricks. And guess what? He eventually built one. First he started by building a model using a Lego builder application on his PC, but he wanted the real thing, so he started building with real viagra in viet nam Lego bricks. He made it, and the camera actually takes pictures, which is amazing. It’s definitely the most colorful camera I’ve ever seen.

lego camera 1

The artist himself says that he has no clue how canadian cialis many brick he used, but he knows that the dimensions are 7?x6.5?x7? and that it contains a main box, internal box, film holder/ground glass slot, lens board, and a lens that he bought for about 40 bucks. The Legotron Mark I, as it is called, is best for portraits, it cannot perform any crazy effects but it’s good enough. Norton has already some other plans coupon for cialis in the future to make more Lego cameras. Speaking of Lego, here is Spongebob Squarepants made from Lego bricks.

lego camera 2

lego camera 3

lego camera 4

lego camera 5

And a few examples of photos:

lego camera 6

lego camera 7

Via Walyou.

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