Kumi Yamashita, The Master of Shadow Art

Posted on 01 June 2010 oddy88

Kumi Yamashita is Japanese artist who is creating amazing artworks based on shadow rather than light. Yamashita could be eventually called ‘the master of shadow’ because most of his artworks are actually made of it or more precisely, they are made to be the shadow.

shadow art 1

Most of his installations are made of some specially positioned object or more of them and the unavoidable part of his artworks is the light source which, when is confronted to those objects from a proper angle, creates shadow images on the wall.

shadow art 2

shadow art 3

shadow art 4

shadow art 5

shadow art 6

This interesting artistic style is far from easy since the artist has to calculate exactly how light is going to act and to put the light source in a proper position. For the end, you make take a look at the video that shows how he do this amazing kind of art:

Via KumiYamashita.

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  1. Lyulina Says:

    It’s amazing, but I just want to point out that the artist is a she, not a he 😉

  2. Amy Says:

    Why do the comments state that Kumi is male?

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