Human Architecture in New York

Posted on 19 October 2010 oddy88

At first glance and with no explanation these pictures look rather weird, but it is just street art. Choreographer Willi Dorner from Vienna has come up with the idea to use dancers to fill in different kind of spaces in New York City. The act is named “Bodies in Urban Spaces” and is some kind of human architecture. 22 performers and dancers have occupied places like across park benches, between walls, and on building roofs. The exhibition is a part of a festival named” Crossing the Line”, and similar acts by Dorner have been done in Europe as well, in countries like Norway, Sweden and Austria.

urban art 1

Still these pictures represent an exhibition on Financial District in New York. The dancers are wearing colorful hoodies and tights so that they can be seen, and there is absolutely no doubt about it, because they attracted a lot of audience. Like to see more of New York? Check out the city while it sleeps.

urban art 2

urban art 3

urban art 4

urban art 5

urban art 6

urban art 7

urban art 8

urban art 9

urban art 10

Photos by Bryan Derballa – The Wall Street Journal

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