How To Look After Your Mower Properly

Posted on 29 December 2012 oddy88

When the winter comes we tend to different chores in the garden. Once we have given the lawn one final cut, we will stash away the mower and concentrate on clearing leaves and snow instead. It is worth making sure that the mower is well cared for though before you put it away.

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If you have an electric mower, or something like a Snapper Electric Start Battery then you will need to think about looking after the battery over the winter. You will need to keep it charged because if you let it run down, then it could diminish over time and eventually stop working altogether.

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Therefore you want to periodically charge it up during the winter months, just to extend your battery life. It is also worth checking the instructions on the battery.

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Find out what type it is, such as a Snapper Mower Battery and then look up how to care for it. The reason for this is that some batteries have to be taken inside during the winter a even a garden shed or garage may be colder than it can stand.

lawn mower battery

It is also worth doing a few other maintenance jobs to make sure that your mower has a happy rest over the winter. It is worth giving it a good clean to remove any clippings. Make sure you pay attention to the blades and the underneath.

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If it has gas then you will need to drain this out. You may also want to change the spark plugs if necessary and sharpen the blades.

It is worth just spending a bit of time making sure that it is properly maintained. This means that when you come to use it again in the spring it should be in perfectly good working order.

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There is nothing worse than getting your mower ready when the sun starts shining and the grass is high, to find that it will not start or it does not run properly because you have not spend a few minutes making sure that it is well looked after over the winter. It does not take long and could end up saving you time as well as money in the spring time.

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Replacing parts or a whole mower is very expensive and so you want to make sure that you get the best value for money from yours and so by looking after it, you will be sure to get this.

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