How the Nursing Home for Superheroes Would Look Like

Posted on 05 July 2010 oddy88

You can be the meanest superhero but you have to know that nothing lasts forever and even superheroes get old one day. Putting a superhero into a

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regular nursing home with other ‘ordinary’ people is not a good idea so someone got an idea to create a nursing home for superheroes.

Here you can see a few of realistic sculptures about how the life of aged superhero could look like if there was such nursing home. It seems that the Catwoman is, unlike the others, still in perfect shape. Superman’s hair is not so black and shiny anymore and, as you can see, he barely can move.

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  1. niknite Says:

    Dam that’s what I go through now and I only just got bit by a space bug or was it the windowpane I did back in the 70’S !

  2. Richard Says:

    Interesting choices. A mixed group of Marvel and DC characters. Odd that they went so far as to do such detailed depictions but apparently didn’t read anything about the characters. To explain:

    1. Superman doesn’t age as long as he is exposed to yellow sunlight and still has his powers.

    2. Strong evidence suggests Captain America doesn’t age due to the effects of the Super Soldier serum.

    2. Wonder Woman a.) doesn’t grow old and b.) isn’t human. She’s a clay statue given life by the Greek Gods and invested with a human soul. If she did suffer the effects of time, it’s more likely that she’d chip or fade than that her breasts would sag or her muscles atrophy.

    3. The Hulk is a physical expression of Bruce Banner’s rage, anger and/or fear. If the Hulk calms down or falls asleep, he reverts to being Banner.

    The others aren’t too bad, but it’s disappointing to see someone go to such effort to interpret a character and not do it justice.

  3. Mike Says:

    Richard, get a life.

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