Halo Xbox 360 Mod By Richard Taylor

Posted on 21 April 2010 oddy88

This Halo Xbox 360 mod is created by Richard Taylor, a dress designer from WETA. The purpose for this modification is for celebrating over a million Xbox 360 in Australia. The interesting thing about this mod is that you can see internal components that are in the mod. This outstanding Halo Xboz 360 mod is currently on Ebay Australia, it is limited edition and the current price is 710 Australian Dollars. All money goes to charity called Konsoles for Kids.

halo xbox360 mod 1

halo xbox360 mod 2

halo xbox360 mod 3

halo xbox360 mod 4

halo xbox360 mod 5

Via TomsGuide.

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  1. sam Says:

    sweet, but the entrance holes bulge in the wrong direction and it bugs me, too awesome to get something that simple wrong on.

  2. acce245 Says:

    Yeah, the wrong way bullet holes confused me at first, then I realized it was a 360, and that 360 owners think this is perfectly logical….

  3. also Says:

    entrance holes bulge in the wrong direction and it bugs me

  4. Ripken Says:

    Yeah this is pretty sweet, but shortly after he went to play the infamous RROD decided to make an appearance.

  5. Want Says:

    I want that so much!
    Gonna go mod the xbox now…

  6. Matt Says:

    I agree it bugs me too, such a silly mistake

  7. Chris Says:

    I think there should be an elite taking cover on the other side 🙂

  8. drew Says:

    I’m with everyone else in thinking that the bullet holes should not be exit holes, but they are anyway. and the fact that he’s not really shooting at anything kind of bugs me. There should be some sort of enemy either standing in front of him or on the other side of the xbox.

  9. Adam Says:

    I’m sure the he had no choice in making the entrance bulge outward. If he had made them inward, i could have interfered with the internal components of the xbox.


  10. Wired Says:

    So someone is going to do it better instead of just nitpicking a few minor flaws on an overall awesome piece of work, right?

    inb4 moar “thems holes is backwards”

  11. anonymouse Says:

    Obviously none of you get it! the subtlety of the reversed bullet holes is lost on all of you.
    Master Chief is so awesome he does not fire bullets, but rather his gun sucks vital parts out of his targets body, until the die a horrible death thats completely unrelated, like spilling guts in the opposite direction. FOOLS

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