Fantastic Paintings of Star Wars Characters and Scenes

Posted on 24 November 2010 oddy88

The Japanese artist Tsuneo Sanda has really decided to show his artistic skills in his project of painting Star Wars characters in different environments and settings. He even paints different scenes from the Star Wars movies. The paintings are so detailed and have this fantasy touch about them, that you almost would like to have at least 5 of them on your walls in your apartment or house.

luke painting

Sanda has illustrated many posters and prints for Lucasfilm over the last ten years, and he has also done cover art for several comics, but his speciality is definitely Star Wars, and you can tell by only looking at the paintings of for example Yoda, princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. While Tsuneo Sanda is painting Star Wars, these people has made a whole Star Wars chess set out of LEGO bricks.

star wars yoda painting


c-3po star wars painting


darth vader star wars painting

Darth Vader

empire strikes back painting

The Empire Strikes Back

return of the jedi painting

The Return Of The Jedi

a new hope painting

A New Hope

revenge of the sith painting

Revenge Of The Sith

attack of the clones painting

Attack Of The Clones

phantom menace painting

The Phantom Menace

ewok star wars painting


padme star wars painting


yoda star wars painting

Yoda 2

yoda and stormtroopers painting

Yoda 3

tsuneo sanda

An artist Tsuneo Sanda

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