Eyes and Macro Equals Amazing Photograhs

Posted on 27 November 2010 oddy88

Eyes – We all have them, and they are unique instruments that we take for granted, different and special every each and one of them. Here are some really close-up pictures of how the eye looks. Eye doctors and opticians are probably used to see eyes this close-up every day, but for other people this is something that it so amazing that you can call it art. It can almost remind of volcanoes or some other sort of bold landscape with a huge black hole in the middle.

beautiful eyes 1

The photographer is Suren Manvelyan, and she called this project “Your beautiful eyes”, and that is definitely true; the eyes are an amazingly beautiful part of the human body. She has managed to get such close-up pictures because of the camera function Macro. Anyways, they are certainly an impressive selection of photos. If you like amazing photography, you should take a look at these stunning underwater photos of women.

beautiful eyes 2

beautiful eyes 3

macro eye photo 1

macro eye photo 2

macro eye photo 3

macro eye photo 4

macro eye photo 5

macro eye photo 6

macro eye photo 7

macro eye photo 8

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