Dancing Forest, Probably the Creepiest Forest in the World

Posted on 09 April 2010 oddy88

I was always a little bit scared of forests, especially dark ones, but here is the forest which could be considered as one of the creepiest forests in nature. It is located near Coronian Spit National Park in Kaliningrad, Russia. The curvy shape of trees was cause this fores got it’s name, Dancing Forest.

weird dancing forest 1

If you look closely you will see that almost every single tree there is curvy and pretty unusual shaped. The first thing I was thinking about when I saw those unusual trees was bonsai. Yes, they look like they could got their weird shape via bonsai techniques but local residents do not know anything about such thing.  This phenomenal forest was also the subject of the number of scientific studies in order to reveal the reasons of such behavior of trees in this particular area.

weird dancing forest 2

weird dancing forest 3

weird dancing forest 4

weird dancing forest 5

weird dancing forest 6

weird dancing forest 7

A few of different theories came out, one of them says that those weird shapes could be formed by strong winds, however, the true reason of this phenomena still remains unknown and that is what makes this Dancing Forest so interesting, attractive and mysterious.

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  1. hz Says:

    this is not the slightest bit creepy. someone is getting a bit carried away in pursuit of hits to this site. why not just say that the growth habit of the trees is interesting and puzzling and leave it at that?

  2. Danielle Says:

    i wouldnt have even thought that was creepy if the author of this story hadn’t said anything. I think its actually pretty like a living work of art…and I seriously doubt winds did that to the trees…how could they? I mean trees are really really strong and how is a wind gonna curve a tree like that, i mean think about it. Sometimes God gives us interesting things like this, in nature to admire and enjoy…that’s my theory.

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