Cyckisk – The Santa Rosa “Monument”

Posted on 01 November 2010 oddy88

If you’ve ever seen the Washington Monument you probably can imagine how this colorful bicycle obelisk looks like. Artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector have managed to build this obelisk that they call Cyckisk out of 340 colorful bicycles and tricycles. They maybe look new, but as a matter of fact they used only old bicycles that the community of Santa Rosa donated to make the great Cyckisk.

bicycle obelisk 1

It is 65 feet tall, located in Santa Rosa in California, and many would think that its purpose is to encourage people to let the car stay in the garage and rather drive a bicycle to work or wherever they are heading to. The real reason for the Cyckisk is that Nissan paid for it because they opened a big car dealership nearby the

bicycle obelisk. That is all because of a law that Santa Rosa has about every major construction project must give 1 percent to donation to public art. Other attractions in California is the fabulous Phonehenge.

bicycle obelisk 2

bicycle obelisk 3

bicycle obelisk 4

bicycle obelisk 5

bicycle obelisk 6

Via Wired.

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