Crazy, Sentimental & Old Superheroes and Supervillains by Donald Soffritti

Posted on 14 July 2010 oddy88

From what we have seen in last sequel of the Batman, we could surely expect that Batman is going to be pretty crazy grandpa, if Joker or Riddler doesn’t kill him before he gets old. Italian cartoonist Donald Soffritti has made some illustrations where he showed us how superheroes and their inevitable ‘friends’, supervillains, could look and act when they get old.

In Donald’s imagination, Superman is naive old guy which acts like a baby and spends the most of his time picking his nose and eating candies, Spiderman is wearing diapers and Batman is freaky grandpa in wheelchair and it seems that he is having a lot of fun with his best friend Robin, like in good old times.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. MasacruAlex Says:

    Hahaaha that was so good !

  2. siddhartha Says:

    i always say fat people, old people and faggots bring bad luck :), im just saying….

  3. Van Says:

    C’mon, that’s bizarro, not Superman, get with it.

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