China’s WaterWorld – Resort For A Future

Posted on 26 March 2010 oddy88

The Atkin’s Architecture group which is the famous multinational engineering and design consultancy with more of Middle East and Indian clientele, has recently been awarded first for their excellent designing and engineering on the resort in Songjiang, China, called the Water World, for an international design competition.

china waterworld 1

The Water World built in a magnificent quarry that is filled with water, is a perfect example of blending nature with modern contemporary designs.  The resort hotel with elegant 400 bedrooms is splendidly constructed amidst this natural environment. The resort has the unique underwater public areas and guest rooms, along with restaurants, cafes, sporting facilities and more.

china waterworld 2

The resort’s lowest level boasts of an aquatic theme with a luxurious swimming pool, and there is an extreme sports center available for rock climbing and bungee jumping which are accessed by special lifts from water. With the spectacular view of this resort, the project surely deserves the acclaim and honor, it has received.

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  1. krishna sanap Says:


  2. Hermitbiker Says:

    …. outstanding resort and optimum usage of an old quarry…. fascinating !! Also borrowed from Listermate’s su pages !!

  3. randeeeeeeeee Says:


  4. john Says:

    I’ve seen this before, it was to be used in England.

  5. Tyler Says:

    I wonder how much wind those sailboats get in the bottom of the quarry.

  6. Soendoro Soetanto Says:

    Awesome hotel.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  7. anjieya Says:

    wow..nice design. love it. great…coollll that i can say.

  8. maw Says:

    Okey, so, we’ve read about these illustrations of china with time worth of 15 essays.
    They wont happen! =P

  9. LIBORIO Says:

    OK, there are some boats in a hole, where the hell is the wind???

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