Champagne Pool – An Exciting Geothermal Spring in New Zealand

Posted on 10 May 2010 oddy88

Champagne Pool is unusual geothermal spring which makes this place look like it is huge champagne pool indeed, because of a lot of CO2 bubbles which are coming from water.

champagne pool 1

champagne pool 2

This natural feature is about thousand years old and it was formed by hydrothermal eruption. The Champagne Pool is about 60 meters deep and its diameter length is about 65 meters.

champagne pool 3

champagne pool 4

It is placed in Wai-O-Tapu geothermal area, in Wakiato, New Zealand. Wai-O-Tapu is geothermal area which contains a lot of geothermal springs. It is famous amongst tourists who are able enjoy these hot waters in the part of this protected reserve called Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland.

champagne pool 5

champagne pool 6

champagne pool 7

champagne pool 8

champagne pool 9

If you are lucky to attend this place in right time you might be awarded with amazing scene caused by unusual colors of water and the colors of sunset. If you are one of those who are attracted by geothermal springs and their hot water, then, you should probably visit this place which features plenty of other touristic attractions, too.

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