Cartoon Characters Showing Their Anatomy

Posted on 22 October 2010 oddy88

On a previous article the art work of Hyungkoo Lee was represented, where he made skeleton sculptures of famous cartoon characters. A similar thing has been done by the American artist Jason Freeny. He chose to 3D sculptures as well as posters that show the inside skeleton of famous cartoon legends like Nemo, Super Mario and Hello Kitty. The interesting viagra how it works thing about the sculptures is that they don’t look creepy at all, rather cute, because they have a lot of colors and they are made in a way so they almost look like toys.

pacman anatomy

Freeny has even made a big poster of Gingerbread Man’s anatomy, numbering all the parts inside his “body”, representing him like a real generic cialis reviews human being that has lungs, intestines, liver, canadian pharmacy adipex and so on. Some generic cialis canadian pharmacy will think that it’s fun whilst others will think that it’s kind of bizarre to use cartoon characters in this way.

super mario anatomy

cartoon anatomy 1

cartoon anatomy 2

cartoon anatomy 3

cartoon anatomy 4

cartoon anatomy 5

cartoon anatomy 6

cartoon anatomy 7

cartoon anatomy 9

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