Calculators From The Past

Posted on 20 September 2010 oddy88

Today it has become hard and unnecessary to do maths in your head, because everybody’s got a calculator. The calculator is a genius invention and range way back to year 1623, but was first produced and sold in 1820. This was really old calculators that can’t compare with those that are on the market today.

antique calculator 1

Most of them are super modern with several functions so that calculation gets easier. Andy Aaron is doing the opposite; he is making antique Victorian-era calculators by using switches, levers and cranks. The calculators, that Andy himself calls “Aaron Adding Machines”, cannot do it all, they only perform basic calculations.

antique calculator 2

These badboys cost about $5000 and more, because Aaron and his workers are only producing up to 3 calculators per each year. Some would say that it is expensive, but you can’t really but a price on antique objects. If you like antiques you should check out this Steampunk House made in Victorian style.

antique calculator 3

antique calculator 4

antique calculator 5

antique calculator 6

antique calculator 7

antique calculator 8

antique calculator 9

antique calculator 10

antique calculator 11

antique calculator 12

Via Adding Machines.

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