Bizarre Art of Body Preserving by Gunter von Hagen

Posted on 07 April 2010 oddy88

Gunter von Hagen is pretty controversial person who is known by his so-called artworks of preserved bodies. You might already heard about his work on preserving human bodies. Now, he decided to do some “art” with animal’s bodies too.

weird animals 1

His latest exhibition was held in Neunkirchen Zoo in Germany and it was named “Body Worlds of Animals”. Von Hagen has found a special way to preserve bodies called plastinating so they can remain longer.

weird animals 2

weird animals 3

weird animals 4

weird animals 5

weird animals 6

weird animals 7

weird animals 8

Here you can see some photos of preserved elephant, von Hagens needed about 64,000 hours and 4 tons of silicone to plastinate the body of the elephant. His work could be useful to all those who are learning about animal’s anatomy but his work is also widely criticized, too.

Via DailyLife.

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  2. nyzki Says:

    Even though he has been a very controversial subject, What most people dont realize is that the deceased donated their bodies for science and though it maybe hard for some people to stomach he is doing something that is intereting and valuable to science.

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