Beautiful Parts of West Siberia We Didn’t Know About

Posted on 05 July 2011 oddy88

Photography with an “above-view” has always been popular. Here we have a selection of those kinds of photos of The Novosibirsk region which is a part of the West Siberian Plain. It’s a huge area that’s about 178,2 thousand square kilometres. It’s mainly plain but in north there are some huge woodland with lots of marshes.

novosibirsk 1

There are two main rivers of this “oblast” (Russian for region) , the Ob and Om, and the biggest lakes are Chani, Sartlan, Ubinskoye, some with salt water which looks completely white. They all make wonderful nature that can be seen on the photos.

novosibirsk 2

The region has a continental climate, -19C in winter and 19C in summer. Animals can also be spotted in the photos, but the green vegetation is stunning. You may also notice the border with Kazakhstan.

novosibirsk 3

There are also some population here and there, and some farmlands. All in all a beautiful but forgotten part of this world. This lovely Siberian nature has been used to express art as well; the frozen lake of Baikal is now full of huge circles made by a talented artist.

novosibirsk 4

novosibirsk 5

novosibirsk 6

novosibirsk 7

novosibirsk 8

novosibirsk 10

novosibirsk 11

novosibirsk 12

novosibirsk 13

novosibirsk 14

novosibirsk 15

novosibirsk 16

Photos by Gelio.

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