Baby Hippo And Tortoise Make Wonderful Couple

Posted on 01 March 2011 oddy88

This couple is inseparable, a baby hippo and a tortoise have found love. They have to be the strangest couple ever, but they eat, sleep, swim and play together. The funny thing is that they are almost the same size, the baby hippo is still little and the tortoise or land turtle tend to get pretty big.

hippo and tortoise 1

They are both vegetarians so there are no arguing about what food they are eating. They can be found in a Mombasa animal facility, and they attract a lot of people, because it is simply unbelievable. Maybe the baby hippo thinks that the tortoise is its surrogate mother, who knows?

hippo and tortoise 2
hippo and tortoise 3

Either way they have to be the cutest animal couple, and they show how love conquers all, you don’t have to be completely like your partner to make it work. Speaking of wonderful animals here are a whole selection of amazing black and white animal photos, enjoy!

hippo and tortoise 2

hippo and tortoise 4

hippo and tortoise 5

hippo and tortoise 6

hippo and tortoise 7

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