Ashes – The Hairless Chimp

Posted on 12 September 2010 oddy88

We are all used to see different kind of monkeys at the zoo, mostly the furry chimpanzees, but have you ever seen a hairless chimpanzee? You need to travel to Mysore Zoo in India to see that: a hairless chimp called Ashes. The strange thing about it is that he was born with a lot of fur, but lost it all after only one year. This only makes him look more like a human.  Speaking of monkeys, here are some really cool photos that show how monkeys can be great posers.

hairless monkey 1

Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans, being a member of the Hominini tribe. They are very social and intelligent creatures, and they know how to read symbols and they understand some aspects of the human language. Most chimps look furry and cute, but they have powerful muscles under the fur coat to easily climb trees and that are exactly what you will see on Ashes; his powerful arms.

hairless monkey 2

hairless monkey 3

hairless monkey 4

hairless monkey 5

hairless monkey 6

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  1. Ukulelemike Says:

    Actually, even though the article says that having no hair makes it look more human, I see where many of the differences are more acutely obvious-from certain angles, he looks very human, but when shown overall, the shape of the arms, the legs, the torso, the head, everything is very inhuman-he looks much more animal this way than the chimps with hair.

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