Anti-Nazi Photomontages

Posted on 31 August 2011 oddy88

Before Photoshop even existed German citizen, John Heartfield born Helmut Herzfeld, made photomontages. Already from the 1930’s Nazism was getting bigger and bigger. People didn’t care, they chose to ignore it, but that was not the case with Heartfield. He just wanted to criticize the regime by making hilarious but artistic photo montages.

anti nazi photo 2

He had experienced the horrors of World War I, and even then he protested against it. In one photo you can see how he is making Hitler’s moustache look evil, with horns. It was to symbolise the bad side of Nazism that was far away from democracy.

anti nazi photo 5

On another picture Hitler is ready to kill a chicken, but as we know he was a vegetarian, but not eating meat doesn’t prevent him from killing it. Not surprisingly Heartfield escaped from Germany to Czechoslovakia ion 1933 when Hitler came to power.

anti nazi photo 3

If he had stayed he would have been caught without a doubt and placed in a concentration camp. Other amazing photo montages that was made with no Photoshop.

anti nazi photo 7

anti nazi photo 6

anti nazi photo 1

anti nazi photo 4

anti nazi photo 8 Via Flickr.

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