Ancient Caravanserais That Are Left Behind

Posted on 24 January 2011 oddy88

If you don’t know what a caravanserai is, let me explain. Back in the days when travelers used the Silk Road to come to his destination with goods or whatever, they had these staging posts so the traveler could rest. Without the posts the traveler wouldn’t make it through the desert. There were thousands of them in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe, but today they are dusting away. The caravanserais are usually built in a rectangular shape with a walled exterior, and they had very wide doors so travelers with camels could come in and rest from the long travels.

caravanserai 1

Some of them also have a courtyard where you feel like you have entered an oasis. Some of the rooms inside are used as shops, and they still are today, but most of the caravanserais around the world are abandoned and left behind, and many would say that it is a shame because of their story and their beauty. Another founding in a desert is this spectacular crystal cave.

caravanserai 2

caravanserai 3

caravanserai 4

caravanserai 5

caravanserai 6

caravanserai 7

caravanserai 8

caravanserai 9

caravanserai 10

caravanserai 11

caravanserai 12

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