Amazing Museum of Astronautics In Moscow

Posted on 29 January 2011 oddy88

To all astronaut and space lovers, here comes good news. There is a huge memorial Museum of Astronautics in Moscow, Russia. It has a lot of different space-related models and other stuff that represent the history of astronomy, flight, space art, space technology and space exploration.

space museum 1

The museum has 85 000 items and it is so widely popular that it has about 300 000 visitors every day. The museum is in general dedicated to space exploration, and it contains a lot of items that you have probably heard about, like the Sputnik satellites, even the one where the dog Laika was put into; the first dog to be sent out in the space.

space museum 2

Other rockets and equipments can also be seen there. It really has to be an amazing experience to visit the museum whether you’re into space stuff or not. Another museum really worth seeing is the Cancun underwater museum in Mexico.

space museum 3

space museum 4

space museum 5

space museum 6

space museum 7

space museum 8

space museum 9

space museum 10

space museum 11

space museum 12

space museum 13

space museum 14

space museum 15

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