Amazing Artworks Combined With Drawing and Photographing

Posted on 12 July 2010 oddy88

For some artists ordinary drawing is just not enough exciting so they decide to take some extreme efforts in creating something completely different and unique. Ben Heine is one of those brave artists who do not afraid to try to do impossible things. Of course, his drawings are far away from impossible but at least, you shall agree with us when we say that his artworks are extremely hard to achieve.

In order to create his artwork, Ben has to be very good in three things: drawing, balancing or positioning and photographing. His artworks contain all of these three skills combined together and he have to be perfectly precise while doing that because if one of those skills are not good enough, his artwork cannot be completed. We have collected a few of his masterpieces where you can see how Ben combines the real word and the world of painting in his unique way.

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