A Volcano Miner’s Work Day

Posted on 25 January 2011 oddy88

To work in a mine near a volcano has to be the filthiest job ever, maybe considered as one of the worst. Photographer Oliver Grunewald took several stunning photos of the sulfur mines in the crater of the volcano Kawah Ijen that is located in East Java, Indonesia. Volcanos are known for being unpredictable, and it is quite a risk to work at a place like this, but there are people that is actually doing it for a living.

miner 9

The photos show some really amazing colors of the volcano and the lava, almost so you can feel the heat. It looks like the most tough job, so hats down for the mine workers. Speaking of mines, this is the largest hole that humans dug; the Kimberley Mine.

miner 2

miner 5

miner 6

miner 7

miner 8

miner 10

miner 11

miner 12

miner 13

miner 14

miner 15

miner 16

miner 17

miner 1

Via Boston.

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