A Life Sized Stagecoach Made With 1.5 Million Toothpicks

Posted on 14 December 2009 oddy88

A toothpick may have been used for many imaginative purposes, yet none matched the innovative creation of Terry Woodling. Terry Woodling, a 72 year old artist from Warsaw in Indiana, dedicated fifteen years of his life towards his vision-‘A life sized stagecoach made with toothpicks’. Using his creative eye, skillful hands and patience, he managed to glue together 1.5 million flat toothpicks into a colorful, eye catching and attractive stage coach. This impossible feat attracted attention of people from faraway places. Yet sadly it did not qualify for the Guinness book of world records.

toothpick stagecoach 1

toothpick stagecoach 2

toothpick stagecoach 3

toothpick stagecoach 4

toothpick stagecoach 5

toothpick stagecoach 6

The reason behind the rejection was the use of glue in the process of making the stagecoach. Mr. Terry Woodling, also referred to as Mr. Toothpick, was undaunted by this failure and graciously donated his creation to the local Warsaw museum. Later on it was recognized by the Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not hall of fame. At the first glance, people can hardly guess that this colorful stagecoach is made from mere toothpicks. It is an exquisite piece of handiwork with extreme detailed work. The entire stagecoach and its wheels are designed as per the Victorian era depicting a time before the automobile invasion, when stagecoaches pulled by horses were the only means of transport.

Via Ripley’ NewsRoom and Wane.

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