3 World’s Most Expensive Beer

Posted on 28 September 2009 oddy88

A satisfying drink enjoyed throughout the world with many variations.beer

Vielle Bon Secours:

This tops the list of the world’s most expensive beer, costing around £500 (equivalent to around $1,000) per bottle or about £39 (equivalent to around $78) per pint. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.

Samuel Adams’ Utopias:

This beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company, using the brand name of Samuel Adam’s Utopias, named after one of the founding fathers of the USA. This comes second in the list of the world’s most expensive beer which costs around $100 per bottle (24 oz) or about $67 per pint, sold in copper bottles resembling the copper brewing kettles which are used by brewers for hundreds of years.

The alcohol content is 25%, making it the strongest beer in the world (listed in the Guinness Book of Records). The process of making this beverage can take up to 12 years, giving it the unique and rich flavors. It is said that the production was limited to 8,000 bottles per year.

Tutankhamen Brew:

The recipe of this brew is prepared according to the recipe and brewing method discovered by a team of University of Cambridge archaeologists/Egyptologists in the Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of the Sun in Egypt. Whatever your choice, just be sure to keep the beer
chuggin’ to a reasonable level. Don’t end up in an alcohol rehab if you can avoid it ;-).The brewery found in the corner of the said temple is believed to have been built by King Akhenaton who is King Tutankhamen’s father. This is also the place where King Akhenaton queen, Nefertiti worshiped.The archaeologists sought expert advice from Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Edinburgh and the beer is brewed in the Cambridge laboratory, costing around $52 per bottle. The production is also limited and the edition is also numbered.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. John Says:

    Every beer is expencive for me

  2. Tilko Says:

    I like beer, its the most beautiful drink!

  3. Jimmy Johnson Says:

    There are many German beers with 20% alcohol or more. The strongest beer in the world is brewed by Brewdog of Fraserburgh in Scotland. It’s called Sink the Bismarck with an alcohol content of 41%. I believe 41% blows away any 21% alcohol beer.

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