250 Years Old Art but Amazingly Modern Looking

Posted on 29 December 2010 oddy88

You will either think that these sculptures are funny faces or masterpieces. Well, they are both. The artist behind all this is Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, that was actually born in 1736, so that is one of the things that are pretty interesting with this art work; the sculptures look so modern, but they are about 250 years old. Can you imagine? The point is that Messerschmidt was such a genius that wanted his work to be different and almost ironic in a way, because who else did make crazy busts back then.

head sculpture 1

1770 was the year that he started doing these twisted busts or faces, and the reason for his creativity is that he himself was starting to get hallucinations and paranoid ideas, so basically he expressed what he had in mind. They all look like they are trying to escape themselves, like they’re fighting against something, and the truth is that he wanted to express how he felt when he pinched himself because of his mental discomfort. Crazy or a genius, he really had an amazing creativity. Speaking of busts, here are some hyper-realistic ones.

head sculpture 2

head sculpture 3

head sculpture 4

head sculpture 5

head sculpture 6

head sculpture 7

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