200,000 Ants Cries Every Time You See This Painting

Posted on 21 July 2010 oddy88

For some people painting with regular paints seems not to be enough, like for Chris Trueman from California who has became famous by his unusual painting but the price of his fame was pretty big. He had to kill 200,000 ants to create his weird painting of his younger brother.

We are not going to discuss the quality of the painting but I believe this is just wrong. Being so small doesn’t make ants less valuable than any other animal and according to that, killing an ant without any reason is pretty as same as killing a dog or cat.

Chris had to spend a lot of time to catch and kill all those ants. However, one day he realized that he has to speed up his work so he decided to find some faster solution than catching all ants by himself. Soon, after short online research, he found a guy who is selling ants as food for lizards but he still had to kill them before putting them on his painting.

I am not still sure should we call this ‘painting’ or it is better to name it ‘ant massacre’ but, whatever you call it, it is totally sick and inhuman.

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  1. ad Says:

    killing ants is the same as killing a dog or cat? REALLY?? look, i love this site, but try to leave your irrelevant commentary out of the articles.

  2. Dan Says:

    200,000 Ants? Considering there are billions of ants in a average square mile, I don’t think this is a big deal. And Lets not forget ant’s can’t feel pain, not have higher thought process.

  3. Jonni Says:

    Well i think its so cool i love the uniqueness, dont stop doing what u love!!!

  4. Marty Says:

    hahah i love how everyone commenting, including me, opposes the authors opinion and approves of the painting

  5. dzrtangel Says:

    The author decided not to mention the worth of this art. I thought I would let everyone know, after research. There are offers for this portrait at about $35,000.00

  6. Lunastorta Says:

    I don’t think that kill an ant is like kill a cat or a dog but is equally stupid. This is not art, this is a cynic and vulgar commercial move.

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