Would you dear to eat Yoda’s head?

It looks like a real sculpture of Yoda’s head, but it is as a matter of fact a cake. If you do not already know, Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars movies, where he is a Jedi Grand Master who teaches Luke Skywalker how to easier become a Jedi. Tchitwood is the cake maker’s name, or that is what the person prefers to call themselves. Looking at the pictures you can see how the cake is realistic inside as well as outside, because it is completely red when you cut it, so it looks like blood.

yoda cake 1

You can see that on the pictures when they stab a knife in his head and cut out a part of his face. It is pretty sure that the cake is good, but it is hard to imagine that anyone wants to eat it at all, not even those with a really sweet tooth. How can you possibly eat Yoda’s bloody head?

yoda cake 2

Still the cake is made in a highly detailed way, and it is impressive how realistic it looks. If you are a true Star Wars fan, you should check out these Star Wars figures that are made in Victorian style.

yoda cake 3

yoda cake 5

yoda cake 6

yoda cake 7

yoda cake 8

yoda cake 9

Via Instructables.

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