Train Sets Make Letters

Who said adults couldn’t have fun with train sets? This Norway-based graphic designer Ludvig Bruneau Rossow makes typography out of train sets. He puts the train set in different ways so it looks like letters. In his opinion design should have a function, and not just appear as decoration, and he varies from technical to emotional concepts.

train set typography 1

The interesting thing is that Ludvig found this old train set at his grandmother’s basement, and then got the idea to make something out of it. The train rails are flexible and easy to shape into even round letters.

train set typography 2

It is fun how you can take something that simple and make something completely new. The best part is that it is an old toy that not many would have thought of to use for artistic purposes. Other toys that are used as art are the ones in Legoland California.

train set typography 3
train set typography 4

train set typography 5

train set typography 6

train set typography 7

train set typography 8

train set typography 9

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