Tons of Punching Bags Create Muhammad Ali Portrait

If you would built a portrait or a sculpture of Muhammad Ali, what would be the best tool to use? Punching bags of course! What could better represent a boxer than that? The same thought had Los Angeles-based artist Michael Kalish when he made a 22-foot high installation of Mohammad Ali’s portrait.

muhammad ali sculpture 1

There were used 6.5 miles stainless steel cable, 1300 punching bags, and 2500 pounds of aluminum pipe. The funny thing is that you only can see his portrait from one side, all of the other angles don’t make any sense, you can only see a bunch of punching bags hanging.

muhammad ali sculpture 2

The project took three whole years to finish and Muhammad Ali is supposed to hang the final bag at the ceremony on LA’s Nokia Plaza. From far away the portrait look like a stencil, very simple but original. I guess the boxer himself is glad for this honor that he is getting. While Kalish is making portraits out of punching bags, another artist is carving them out of phonebooks.

muhammad ali sculpture 3

muhammad ali sculpture 4

muhammad ali sculpture 5