The Most Beautiful Italian Women

Posted on 09 October 2009 Crni

This is the list of the most beautiful Italian women ever. Maybe someone will disagree with this list but still I think that it’s a hard work to create a perfect one.

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis  is an Italian American chef, writer, television personality, and the current host of the Food Network programs Everyday Italian, Behind the Bash, Giada’s Weekend Getaways, Giada in Paradise, and Giada at Home. She also appears regularly as a contributor and guest co-host on NBC’s Today. De Laurentiis is the founder of the catering business GDL Foods.

giada de laurentiis

Her cooking program, Everyday Italian, has been broadcast on Food Network since 2003. On her Chefography (a Food Network biography program), she admitted that she never wanted to be in her “family business” of show business. She felt very uncomfortable in front of the camera when she first began hosting Everyday Italian, but has since become more relaxed and open on air. When the program first aired, Food Network received emails accusing the network of hiring a model or actress pretending to cook instead of a real chef.

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis  is an Italian model and actress. A popular personality on Italian television, Canalis had very minor roles in the films Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Virgin Territory.

elisabetta canalis

She was also a “velina” in one of Italy’s most popular television shows, Striscia la notizia. In 2007, she hosted the annual music festival, Festivalbar.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an Academy Award winning Italian film actress, born Sofia Villani Scicolone. She is widely considered to be the most popular Italian actress of her time and is also famous for being a major international sex symbol.

sophia loren

By the late 1950s, Loren’s star had begun to rise in Hollywood, with films such as 1957’s Boy on a Dolphin and The Pride and the Passion in which she co-starred with Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. Grant, reportedly, fell so deeply in love with Loren that he ardently proposed marriage, despite her obvious loyalty to Carlo Ponti and Grant’s own union with actress and writer Betsy Drake. Loren refused.

Sara Varone

Born in the ruins of Rome, Italy, with all the stray kittens, Varone’s own sweater kittens have made her into a Televison Personality Star!

sara varone

After finishing her phychology degree, this brainy brunette got bored with continually asking why, so she entered the world of modeling and got a gig on her first game show Uomini e Donne, hosted by Maria de Filippi.

Francesca Lodo

francesca lodo

Francesca Lodo was born on Sunday, August 01, 1982 and is a famous model. Being born on Aug 01, Francesca is a Leo.Francesca dated Cristiano Zanetti and amongst other amorous encounters was Alessandro Di pasquale.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and fashion model.In 1988, Bellucci moved to one of Europe’s fashion centers, Milan, where she signed with Elite Model Management. By 1989, she was becoming prominent as a fashion model in Paris and across the Atlantic, in New York City. She posed for Dolce & Gabbana and French ELLE, among others. In that year, Bellucci made the transition to acting and began taking acting classes.

monica bellucci

The February 2001 Esquire Magazine’s feature on Desire featured Ms. Bellucci on the cover and in an article on the five senses. In 2003, she was featured in Maxim. In 2004, she topped AskMen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World annual list. Bellucci’s modelling career is managed by Elite+ in NYC. She is considered an Italian sex symbol.She is currently a face of a range of Dior Cosmetics. Bellucci is also signed to Storm Model Management in London.

63 Comments For This Post

  1. Niall Says:

    Giada Pamela De Laurentiis is not even Italian and even if she were she is decent at best, and Sara Varone and Francesca Lodo would not even make a top ten of Italian Women. Pretty poor list

  2. sagar Says:


  3. Rajesh Says:

    Most sensational and exciting a man irrespective of his age. Pl. keep it up providing such photos through mails.

  4. sara Says:

    to whom shall itell my saroww.

  5. Sergio Says:

    1 – Monica Bellucci

  6. cem Says:

    1. monica
    2. sara
    3. elisabetta

  7. mark Says:

    My all time favorite is Monica Bellucci. I would give Sophia second place and third to Sara

  8. Tim Says:

    But where is Claudia Cardinale…?

  9. troy arneson Says:

    terrible, terrible list. apart from the inclusion of monica and sophia loren you need to get your eyes checked. with regards to sophia, is that the best picture you could find? she’s hardly in her prime there…

  10. Chris Saddler Says:

    are you kidding me? besides the fact that italian women are in the list of the ugliest in the world, you have listed here the ugliest ones in the history of Italy. Except Monica. She must have some other kind of blood rushing through her veins.
    the rest just look like some pakistani travestites. i need to vomit.

  11. Jay Says:

    Dear Chris Saddle, I don’t know what kind of italian women you know, but your comment is very rude and quite racist. “Ugliest in the world”? Seriously?

    Manuela Arcuri, Caterina Murino, Cristina Chiabotto… they are italian and they are very pretty. I think it depends on personal opinions, but nobody should generalize, most of all when insulting.

    Just because you’re harsh, I’m not going to say that american people are the harshest in the world, you know.

    However, I’m italian and I have to say this list is completely absurd.

    Francesca Lodo is considered pretty ugly here (she’s not a model, btw) and Sara Varone.. Almost unknown and definitely not a sex symbol.

  12. Patric Says:

    chris saddler, if those ladies look like travestites, then you probably have a big problem. maybe you maricon or somethig, i don’t know, but for shore you need jesus. don’t take it personaly, and by the way you right, monica is the best.

  13. Slasher Says:

    LOL, Chris Saddler has a strange “list”. Where did you find it?

  14. Jay Says:

    My all time favorite is Monica Bellucci,very sexiest eyes etc.,

  15. Name required Says:

    Uh, no.

  16. Wes Says:

    in italy we have a lot showgirls better than those

    two of my favourites:

    Elisa Isoardi, a classic italian next-door girl

    and… Melissa Satta… “velina” too and ex christian vieri’s girlfriend

  17. myke Says:

    chris saddler is a very poor guy. We are going to proced to make a donation.The hadycap is major and must be treated. God, have marcy!!!! myke from RO

  18. Johnny Says:

    Most beautiful Italian…? Any one for Gina Lolobrigida?

  19. angel Says:

    francesca lodo isn’t italian, she was born in venezuela and her fathers are venezueln

  20. ghassan Says:

    monica belluci is the best ever and the hottest

  21. Chris Saddler Says:

    lol it seems that i created a little storm in here.
    of course, there are lots of italian women which are beautiful. maybe i was too harsh. ok, i was but lol, the author of this post doesn’t have a good taste in women. besides Monica (which is one of the most beautiful women in the world in my opinion) the rest look more like men. the ugliest being Sophia Loren. i never liked that woman. and another one which got me madly inlove with her in my childhood is Ambra Angiolini. She used to have a show on Italia Uno i think.
    and another thing: italian girls tend to have a square shaped face which is not something that i like. but again, i am being subjective.

    @Patric… jesus? i need jesus? i only need him when i’m broke and have no money left for beer and weed. but he never came to pay for me which makes me think he doesn’t exist. not even as a fairy tale.

    @Wes.. wow, Elisa is wow. again wow :) in a good way wow.

    @Mike if i were you i will keep my mouth shut. 1st of all, learn some english or stop eating letters. i guess that in Romania you don’t have that much food, thats why you feed with letters. so look who’s talking about being poor. and i am pretty sure you are one of those romanians who went to Italy or Spain to steal or beg for money in the streets. Oh yes dear Mike, i am a romanian too. i can see how you are from a mile. the smarter romanians hate you for ruining our country image. go home and… breathe.

  22. amit Says:

    monicca belluci

  23. Muazzam Says:

    Send me more hot images

  24. Yatta Says:

    Italian girls are really good looking, but after they reach 20, they start turning fugly at an alarming rate. As women, they are butt-ugly coupled with annoying, almost insufferable personalities (the result of living in a pussy country where women are almost worshiped).

    I speak purely for the majority, not for everyone, of course…

  25. Bobby Says:

    Where’s Alyssa Milano. She’s hotter than all of them. Any of you that disagree are prob queer.

  26. Nato2101 Says:

    @Chirs Saddler stop generalizing ffs. Italian women in itself is a large generalization consider the ethnic diversity present in the country. Girls from Puglia do not look like girls from Piedmonte or Lombardi. Girls from Bergamo don’t even look liek girls from Milan.
    On the other hand most American women tend to have square teeth (due to the dental practice rather than natural/genetic traits) and that is very boring and unattractive imo.

  27. Nato2101 Says:

    @ Yatta you speak for someone who has obviously never lived in the country, and has little understanding of the human body. After 20 most people tend to start to get worse. Once you stop growing there is only one way things can go.
    And women are far from worshipped in Italy, in fact southern Italian’s are as close to Muslims i’ve come across in the treatmen of women.

  28. Yatta Says:

    Really Nato2101? Because I LIVE in southern Italy, and confronting that with you saying southern Italians are close to Muslims (LOL!) in their treatment of women, points towards yours sounding like such an exaggerated statement that it makes me wonder if you’re actually Italian or just someone who lives there but doesn’t quite know how things actually work yet. That Muslim analogy sounded more like something that I’d expect from an American (no offense America, every nation has its fair share of ignorance).

    It’s enough to look at the billboards and commercials in Italy to see women’s qualities being shoved around in your face everywhere you go. Most commercials star women, and other product commercials subtly portray the woman as being clever and energetic while the man is shown as being the somewhat silly, if not graceless side. If a man and a woman end up in court over custody in Italy, in 90% of the cases, the woman will win, and that’s not all the shit they get away with. Muslim treatment my ass. So there’s some chauvinists around, but their opinion of women doesn’t equate to what the government actually allows them to do.

    You next informed me that people tend to get worse after 20? Whoa, I never knew, people age??? The thing is, some people age better than others, and like I said, Italian women just tend to lose a lot of their cute facial type of attractiveness fast after reaching that age, you can consider this bias on my part, it’s what it is, I have my tastes and you have yours.

  29. Nato2101 Says:

    @ I said in the south, i didn’t say the “government treated them” like.
    For starters the billboards, advertisements and whats on TV are not dictated by the south, in fact most media headquarters are either in the north or Rome.

    And the fact that women are treated like items, or used for theirs bodies/physical appearance (especially in advertisement and tv) shows that in general we have a very poor opinion of women, which was my point.

    As far as custody is concerned in most (if not all) countries the deck is stacked, because very very few judges are willing to seperate children from their mother.

    My point still stands, women are far from worshipped as individuals, it is their bodies/physical appearance which is worshipped.

  30. Objective Says:

    lodo and varone????? yuck
    chris saddler is so right… they all have strange faces… only monica bellucci is beautiful here (and canalis)

  31. DocMartin88 Says:

    Hahahahhahahahahahaha Loving the anti-Muslim feeling guys. From “Pakistani transvestites” to their treatment of women; I luv it.

  32. kiddo Says:

    ewwww u must be kidding me… everyone in here thinks monica is the most beautiful… JEEZ SHE’S SO NOT…

  33. shishir Says:

    very sexy

  34. dfx Says:

    Francesca lodo (likewise elisabetta canalis) is sardinian and not venezuelan.

  35. R4 Says:

    LoL give me a break man… beautiful..

  36. T4 C4 Says:

    Sara Varone? chi?????

  37. hax09 Says:

    Botox-addicted-women more like… i was expecting some sort of natural beauty in this list… each and every one of them is anything but natural… not a good list…

  38. Susan Says:

    What a bunch of jealous, ignorant losers on this site do you all feel that inferior to these women HAHA

  39. amir Says:

    only monica belocci
    she is very beautiful and sexy woman

  40. Me Says:

    Susan: You’re pathetic and this list is awful none of these women are even slightly attractive.

  41. philip Says:

    That was awsome picture and the women also were awesome i am alover of beauty mindly send some more pics

  42. DRaY Says:

    Never seen chicks this hot in Italy!!… This article is untrue!!! These ladies are the best of the best.. FAIL

  43. Andy Says:

    Monica Bellucci and Elisabetta Canalis I think are worthy candidates, but the rest of the list I have to disagree with. I’m assuming these are the only five Italian women the author’s heard of, because that’s the only way Cristina Scabbia got left off.

  44. ali Says:

    it is fine

  45. Dick Says:

    No Giorgia Palmas. FAIL.

  46. dima Says:

    Sara Varone super!!

  47. Gosh Says:

    Giada? That’s a very weird choice to put on a “most beautiful” list. A head scratching choice. Sophia is a legend and nearly goddess status so she actually gets lowered by many people since it’s almost as if people don’t think of her as a person anymore. But if you didn’t know that woman as Sophia Loren and saw her walking down a street when she was 40 and younger you’d say “I think I just saw the most beautiful woman in my life”. She has it all. Cheekbones, lips, great eyes, beautiful hair and an AMAZING body. Her boobs are first rate, top of the line, and she makes the rest of those women look like girls. That picture of Sophia is when she was like 55 or 65 years old. The modern ones have a cheap or photoshop look to them and boob jobs too.

  48. Vally Says:

    They all look same just got diffrent implants. Cmon.

  49. Sharmota_Egy Says:

    😉 Sara Varone

  50. Makc Says:

    Where is Ornella Muti ????????????????? She was the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. annalove Says:

    oh amazing , i love this !
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    …it is the first and best club for Cougars and Young Men.
    So i uploaded my sexy photos there under the n’ame of Myshine..
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    Please Check it out! I’m serious.

  52. bbb Says:

    monica belucci saves the list!

  53. Required Says:

    ALL THESE WOMEN HAVE BAD PLASTIC SURGERY: 1ST ONE: chin implant, jawline resurfaced; Most of them have bad nose jobs including Sofia Loren (also chin implant & jawline redone) & Monica Belucci. Some have mini-brow lift (Belucci) Many have lips pumped (Belucci, Lodo, Canalis) All these beyotches have their faces redone. FAKE! PLASTIC!

    Google plastic surgery implants you’ll see. The 1st one Giada Pamela De Laurentiis has horrible manly mandibular jaw implants and a bad nose job.

  54. casper Says:

    my vote is for Monica Belluci…. i love you monice u r gorgeous. muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  55. Luigi Says:

    i’m italian and i just love our women because in italy every woman loves herself and so they r beautiful

  56. chuck Says:

    Seeing Violante Placido swimming naked in “The American” put her on top of my list :)

  57. Mustaqeem Says:

    Italy woman is so sweet,

  58. Daniel Says:

    Michela Quattrociocche is the hottest Italian female at the moment

  59. Mponye Baker Says:

    I have liked Elisabetta Canalis style due to the colours of the clothes she weared on.And ihave liked her life style because it resembles to mine and i real like to be involved in love with the Italian beautiful lady like her.Please baby,if you are single lady,you can contact me on my moble phone number 0774484390/0700779182 and email and we talk love issues because am also asingle real so cute,precious,goldenish,fantasitic,wanderful,giftful and more nice beautiful lady i have never seem anywhere who deserved to be with me whenever she thinks about love.

  60. Don Says:

    Agree La Belucci rules but where the hell is Manuela Accuri? Or Sabrini Ferrelli? Take it we’re not including Italian parentage/born outside of Italy, if so where is Aria Giovanni, Carmella Bing?

  61. arif Says:

    no comment

  62. jehangir Says:


  63. jehangir Says:

    Italian women are soooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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