The Incredible Volga Delta

You will maybe recognize the river on these photos or maybe you’re not familiar with it. It’s the Volga Delta, the largest river delta in Europe. It drains into the Caspian Sea in Russia’s Astrakhan Oblast. During the past century Volga has grown because of level changes, but it’s still an amazing river delta. It has played a big role in Russian culture, and it still does.

volga river 1

When seeing the pictures you can notice how huge it is, and that is looks like a big network of little rivers, and there are round canes everywhere. As you can see there are no population or anything, maybe you’ll just spot a few fishermen here and there.

volga river 2

The area is so wide that most of it is desolated, just like a lot of other territories in Russia. But it is the only place in Russia where flamingos, pelicans and lotuses may be found.

volga river 3

The Volga Delta has been protected since the 1900s by a Russian nature preserves named “Astrakhan Nature Reserve”. Other beautiful rivers are these two that are actually meeting each other at some point and making a beautiful nature phenomenon.

volga river 4

volga river 5

volga river 6

volga river 7

volga river 8

volga river 9

volga river 10

volga river 11

volga river 12

volga river 13

volga river 14

volga river 15

volga river 16

Photos Via Sergey Dolya.