The Biggest Landfill Of E-Waste In Ghana

Posted on 26 July 2011 oddy88

When you throw away your old computer or laptop, do you ever think where it’s going? Ghana, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, China and Nigeria. It’s awful, but millions of tons of electronic waste from first world countries goes every year to these countries, mainly to Ghana. People there has therefore begun with illegal e-waste trade. 3000 people actually make a living out of selling everything from keyboards and computer monitors to old hard drives and TVs.

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But the people are breathing in toxic chemical each day which is extremely dangerous for their health. For first time visitors it’s a horrible experience to enter the area because they immediately get a bad headache. The saddest part is that both women and children are working out on the fields filled with e-waste.

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The executive director of the Basel Action Network, Jim Puckett, is trying to do everything to keep the toxic chemicals away from the area. We all hope he succeeds and that it gets better. Other places that has a tough day of work are at the mines of volcanoes in Indonesia.

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Photos by Andrew McConell.

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